Memoirs of a Trichotillomaniac

Dunbar, Kristy. 5'0''. Dark brown hair. Dark brown eyes. Born in Vietnam, Currently resides on the American Eastern Seaboard. 15 years old. Artist. Cinematographer. Student. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Lover. Trichotillomaniac. Human.

So there are these things

called “tangles” and they have helped me reduce my pulling SO MUCH. its a textured twisty necklace thing and its one of the most entertaining things in the world. I ordered one a week ago and just got it yesterday morning. I have already ordered 2 more :]

Usually, while I’m doing school work, I will write or type with my right hand and then be leaning my head on my right hand, and then I pull. Now, I just play around with the tangle and  i probably pull 30% less than I used to. It’s kinda amazing. 

Here’s a link! 

Does anyone out there have other fidgets or coping methods? Let me know :]