Memoirs of a Trichotillomaniac

Dunbar, Kristy. 5'0''. Dark brown hair. Dark brown eyes. Born in Vietnam, Currently resides on the American Eastern Seaboard. 15 years old. Artist. Cinematographer. Student. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Lover. Trichotillomaniac. Human.

So I decided

to fuck it and I’m shaving my head by the end of the week. A friend from my summer camp convinced me that I should and she is also shaving her head. Right now, I have a mohawk, tomorrow I will have a unicorn horn, and by Friday I’ll be bald! I am really happy and excited.

This afternoon I went with my dad to go buy hair clippers and those were super cheap. You would think it would be hard to let go and shave your head, but surprisingly it wasn’t. I just shaved it and the deed had been done and I’m actually really proud of myself. Sure, my mohawk has a gaping hole in it due to my bald spots but hey, it works. After I shaved my head with the clippers, it wasn’t a close enough shave for me so I went over it with shaving cream and a disposable razor and its super smooth, almost like suede or something.

For the first time in a while, I am doing something that makes me genuinely happy.


Uh, so why did you shave the top of your head?

—This one guy in my school who suspects that I did this, and I appreciate that he assumes that is something I would do on purpose :D